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What LIE? You need to tell this girl everything. What I don't support is lying about intentions. Dating someone for the purpose of having sex, because you know it will cause them emotional pain? Nobody from my old ward will speak to me anymore, and while my parents didn't disown me, they frequently guilt me about it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Create an account. What I'm saying is that it's cool if both people want no strings attached and are open about it. Everything was perfect except for the fact that she was a strong believer of the church. I can't keep my disbelief in the church a secret to her. It's not cool to make someone think you're looking for something serious when you're looking for no strings attached.

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The punishment seems awfully cruel given the crime in question.

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Of course it's her choice to have sex if she wants to. If not, tell her the truth like a man and accept the consequences. You may not believe me, but that was literally the ONLY reason they blocked me out. The way you're acting, wanting advice on how to be "physical" with this girl, is exactly why some Mormons go overboard with rules about dating. How can I convert him? This wasn't my plan. I made a mistake.

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dating a mormon girl reddit
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dating a mormon girl reddit
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If this gets out he's going to lose his whole family. Now she's the one you do all the freaky stuff with. I know her too well to think that she will be fine with that. Tell her how you feel about her and how it has made you conflicted. But until that day, I have really, really fucked up.

dating a mormon girl reddit
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