How to give a woman good sex

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When you masturbate, take your time to orgasm. I know my bae enjoys what I do to her,scraches on my back tells me that I give it to her as she wants it,but this post motivated me and I can see there is a lot that I need to work on,so thank you verymuch Nick…. She might have had terrible past experiences. I am just thinking of good topics that can turn her on in a conversation before we even get to kissing when i see her. Kiss her with passion. Get The Manual.

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Convince her that you love how her genitals look, smell and taste. Home Maxim Man. And this article is really explosive. Getty Images. A good rule of thumb:

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Tease her — licking or even just touching a girl around her vagina or her breasts not actually on them initially is extremely powerful.

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14 Foreplay Tips to Please Your Woman

Use the slippery underside of your tongue to circle it to the left and then to the right. That sounds insane to me too. Let her relax and enjoy the moment. Here are five everyone should know: This is especially effective if you have sexual anxiety.

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how to give a woman good sex
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how to give a woman good sex
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5 Tips For Men To Give Her The Best Sex She’s Ever Had (From A Woman’s Perspective)

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Praise her most intimate parts until she believes you. Listen up guys: That definitely made me come for longer—and made me more ready to do it again afterward. For beginners, start with a circular motion and apply consistent gentle pressure. If he complains about a lack of sex or the fact that you're only doing certain things on his birthdaythen be honest about what's causing you to withhold.

how to give a woman good sex
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