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He says that in the book she's very young, and the character played by Tommy Lewis in the film was very old, raising the issue of a promised child bride, and this motivated the Stanton character. West decided against taking his final vows for the priesthood. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! David Eggby. Rate This. Video release: K-Tel Rating:

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Ivor Kants as Sgt. Later, Adams notes that Willinja has observed western proprieties and offered them separate huts, but he offers Mary a chance to share his. Burstall agreed on the proviso that he helped write the script. The search party is clustered around a fire, and Mary asks Billy-Jo why the bodies are put in platforms up on trees. Mary's organising a big do for the arrival of the big feller, and soon enough a truck turns up carrying a prize Brahmin stud bull, greeted with excitement by Dillon and Mick. But Dimsey's treatment placed its emphasis on the aspect of the woman coming to terms with her environment, and the Naked Country investment prospectus described the film as "a love story of a woman and her fight for independence and love in the beautiful but brutal country of Australia's vast north. Dey's casting was noted by reviewers at the time of the film's release, and led to a number of comparions with the Journey out of Darknesswhich saw Ed Deveraux in black face as a black tracker, and the Sri Lankan singer Kamahl playing an Arunta man.

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The effort of Burstall and his partners created film business from next to nothing in a culture cringing from its supposed incapacity to produce comedy and drama on celluloid by Australians about Australia.

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The search party is clustered around a fire, and Mary asks Billy-Jo why the bodies are put in platforms up on trees. John Stanton as Lance Dillon. The Naked Country is a Australian film. But I don't want to sentimentalise 'em either. Australian Movies I've Watched. Lawrence had visited here for six months in and became the first great foreign novelist to come to grips with Australia.

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The Naked Country

The Powerful Story of Mundaru senses his prey is close but now Dillon stumbles in front of the kaitdaijta men. Take the quiz: Meanwhile, Mary and Adams wander along the river bank. Gilling makes a frank and unpretentious interviewee. Don't let me die from kadaitja magic. He West wrote it in and it really was a potboiler.

the naked country movies
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