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I used to talk to you a ton on livemessenger and I used to help beta test liquid crystal. Feature Requests Ever wanted to request a feature for a new beta? Platinum Origins [Alpha 1] by Linkandzelda. Talk With Me. I also enjoy playing the Guitar and have a Video Game Cover album in the works. Are you able to trade from Liquid Crystal to other games?

Alice ClariS. There will also be a time stamp of when I updated the Live Beta last accurate to within a few seconds or so. Celebi is not yet obtainable, but will be. Why has been the Badges order altered? Platinum Origins [Alpha 1] what does alpha 1 mean and when There is far too much work put into this to turn back, in other words. That was the case up until today.

July 4th, 6:

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IPS http: I don't believe we have met, yet. Pokemon crystal clear help danksiApr 5,in forum: I am sorry for such a big pictures. Live Beta goes hand in hand with the new Bug Report system as you can make use of the subscription feature to get updates on the latest fixes. Bug Report System Bugs can be reported over here. Shiny Gold, it quickly became popular maybe too much?

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When will the next beta be released? You can't see this game after flashing to NOR. I am tired. Connection to IRC server lost. Not sure at this stage. Statistics Total Posts Total Posts: It will be sad to see PHO go, but we look forward to a bright future with Silph.