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One of the most visceral memories I have of her is her hugs. But now? I had an American boyfriend back in my twenties and I remember being livid when he kissed his mom on the mouth to say bye when she left for a business trip. April 8, 2: I have no doubts my daughter the eldest wont come to me with anything she hears, or someone says to her and that is what I want most in the world.

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The mother love hit me hard, in a deeply physical way, at just that moment. Then one day, I was walking with him in the wrap, staring down at his tiny face. My husband and I both kiss our 5 and 7 year old boys on the lips. My middle son 5 is a mouth-kisser. I have a toddler and am already missing these days! I read Little Fires Everywhere before I was pregnant and now I am currently nursing my 5 month old daughter. Well, and I love getting hugs from my dad!

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This made me laugh too!

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My friend, Sammy, who has two young daughters, recently sent me this email: I actually hated it and it turned me off of affection with my family in general, doing my best to avoid that one thing. But neither I, nor my husband, have ever kissed him on the lips. I kiss my daughter on the lips, head, cheeks, arms, hands, feet, knees whenever given the chance. I like to imagine my 7 year old like that one day. For that reason, adults kissing children on the mouth feels illicit to me.

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I snuggle them in bed, wrap my legs around their little bodies. Then one day, I was walking with him in the wrap, staring down at his tiny face. The next time she did this I obliged. I think so. The occasional embrace, a head leaned for just a moment on your shoulder, when what you really wanted more than anything was to press them to you and hold them so tight you fused together and could never be taken apart. It was like training yourself to live on the smell of an apple alone, when what you really wanted was to devour it, to sink your teeth into it and consume it, seeds, core, and all.

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